Exercising the Art We Know

Exercising the Art We Know

Let each [wo]man exercise the art [s]he knows. ~Aristophanes

It is indeed a unique opportunity to be involved with a project or organization in which you are assured of the liberty to exercise the art you know. And when said project or organization is using art as a medium, it fosters innovation and multiplies the opportunities for empowerment and change, both for individuals and communities.

SpeakArtLoud provides me with such an experience.

We all have an innate desire to be part of something — a group or a cause — with people with whom we share a connection and a passion. In his book, Tribes, Seth Godin makes the point that as we connect to one another, we grant our permission to form tribes of purpose and vision — of action! And that building and participating in tribes facilitates innovation and prevents us from being “stuck.”

Tribes are about faith — about belief in an idea and in a community. ~Seth Godin

The vision of SpeakArtLoud not only invites the opportunity for a tribe, it affirms my own vision of “collaging” my business marketing expertise with my creative abilities — the art I know. And being in “the tribe” of SpeakArtLoud has not only prevented me from being stuck — it has propelled me into a complete paradigm shift!

Once recognized, the quiet yet persistent voice of curiosity doesn’t go away. ~Seth Godin

My work with SpeakArtLoud has proven to be one of the victories leading to a personal revolution — an overthrow of any lingering fears of the unknown pertaining to the meshing of business with art. It has ushered in the practice of a new manifesto, freeing me to embrace random tangents of creativity within the context of collaged boundaries. It also ensures I remain authentic to my strengths and weaknesses, my expertise and learning experiences, as well as the goals in my heart as an artist and businesswoman.

The time and talent I have already invested with SpeakArtLoud has produced a renewed clarity of my own vision as well as inspiring new frames in my proverbial {and actual!} vision board. The synergy of working with SpeakArtLoud’s founder and director, Sally Peters, has provided me both inspiration and affirmation.

During the past few months, we both have experienced inspiring moments of discovery and personal growth — unexpectedly tagged onto project work and strategy sessions. The liberty of moving beyond the order of agendas and the context of deadlines and tasks revealed the ability to produce tangible results in the fluidity of artistic expression and gifts differing.

Teresa Robinson {aka @stargardener has donned various hats in her professional career as a business consultant and community advocate. Her business, Right Brain Planner , offers a creative and eclectic approach to clients, inspiring them as they compile, {collage} and journey in the direction of their dreams.


The Canvas for Dreams of the Heart

The Canvas for Dreams of the Heart

A guest post by Teresa Robinson of Right Brain Planner

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”
– Eleanor Roosevelt

The dark shadows of illness can preclude the light and beauty of our dreams. Thus, even the ability to recall our dreams in the midst of chronic physical challenges proves daunting. However, with a few gentle brushstrokes of creativity, the outlines and muted hues of our dreams rise into view once again. Sometimes doing so in a gently altered version — redefined to accommodate those things we accept as unchangeable, in order to empower us in discovering the courage to change the things we can.

How does art therapy serve as the basis for discovery and accomplishing the beauty of the dreams within the heart?

I would be hard-pressed to explain the physiology regarding the healing properties of art therapy. What I can describe is the ease and the healing that resulted after I accepted a friend’s invitation to an art therapy event. I quickly realized art could be my secret weapon against the battles of cancer. And it continues to be a way to win the proverbial war of acceptance with regard to my physical realities “after cancer” and the symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

Art therapy is a calming, radiant light in the constant noise and darkness of chronic pain. The mental escapes of guided imagery, various music genres, landscape photography and creative writing provide me with a place of ease — a reprieve from daily rituals and realities. Collage art is a daily practice for me. It allows me to visually (and figuratively) assign elements of color and variety (and absolute randomness!) “over” the stress (and distress) of chronic health issues.

The practice of incorporating art into my therapeutic activities has facilitated my goal of positivity in the midst of chronic, limiting physical conditions. It also produced a paradigm shift for my professional pursuits, blending creativity with the business management and personal planning services I offer as a freelancer at Right Brain Planner.

Collage, art journaling and creative planning offer a creative and eclectic alternative to white-paged, text-only documents and spreadsheets. Offering my clients a liberating and inspiring alternative as they compile, collage and journey in the direction of their dreams!