Put Your Art into Action

Put Your Art Into Action

SpeakArtLoud needs your help!

SpeakArtLoud is looking for images of original art that can help us to communicate the value of our work and portray the positive impact SpeakArtLoud will have on women and communities.

We are seeking two works of art – a “before” image and an “after” image – that visually express the change we can make in the world.

Do you…

Believe in our work

—– Feel inspired to help

——- Have creative energy

Then please read on!

The ChangeXChange

SpeakArtLoud is honored to be included on the ChangeXChange , a medium for micro-philanthropy, (check us out here – my cheeks are so rosy!).

The CXC site will soon be updated and “before” and “after” images will be used to help express the change SpeakArtLoud will make in the world.

For example:

  • A “before” image may be a picture of women in shelter or on the streets, something that visually depicts women’s limited voice and opportunity
  • An “after” image may be a smiling women holding up artwork or women gathered together, something that conveys the value of creativity and of raising women’s voice and supporting women’s vision

Community, Creativity & Support

Here is where you come in.

SpeakArtLoud is holding a contest.  We are asking you, our friends and supporters, to participate and submit electronic images of your original art – “before” and “after” images – that visually express the value of our work.

***** Before *****

***** After *****

No way to express feelings

Isolated and alone

Confused, frightened, worried

Stressed and unwell

Feeling hopeless

No one to talk to

Having your voice silenced

Women’s ideas absent in the community

Struggling communities

No control over the future

A creative outlet for expression

Connecting with other women

At ease, relaxed, feeling safe


Feeling hopeful

Sharing your ideas with others

Having your voice raised

Women’s ideas shared in the community

Stronger, healthier communities

Creating the future


SpeakArtLoud is about more than creating art, we are about raising women’s voices and sharing women’s ideas in the community and, by including women, ultimately making communities healthier and stronger.

We know that art is a powerful tool for individual healing and expression, as well as an effective way to bring people together and share information.  Art can transform our lives and communities. Help us communicate this with your art!


The Contest Details

Please send submissions to SallyatSpeakArtLouddotOrg with “Art into Action” in the subject line by Monday, January 24th, 2011.

  • submit either one image, a “before” or an “after”, or two images, both a “before” and an “after”
  • include a short statement about yourself, your art and why you are participating in our contest
  • images should be in a common digital format for web browsers (JPG, PNG, GIF ).
  • by submitting images you are giving SpeakArtLoud permission to use your art work on the ChangeXChange site and on SpeakArtLoud’s blog (we will credit you on our blog).

Submissions will be reviewed by the SpeakArtLoud Board of Directors and a winner will be selected by the Board.

The winning submissions will be included on the ChangeXChange website, helping us to communicate SpeakArtLoud’s value and supporting our fundraising efforts.

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