25 Ways Art Impacts the Community

25 Ways Art Impacts the Community

Art, in its many forms, is connected to the community. Art serves to enrich the physical, economic, social and cultural elements of a community.

Below is a list of 25 ways I believe art positively impacts community, along with a few pictures to inspire thought. As you read through this list please reflect on how these items may or may not be true and share your thoughts.


1. Art defines physical space
2. Art reflects community values
3. Art can start a dialogue
4. Art brings people together
5. Art creates a sense of belonging

6. Art activities help improve social well-being
7. Art helps with neighborhood b
8. Art reveals truth
9. Art drives economic development
10. Art portrays a community

11. Art creates a sense of pride
12. Art exposes community conflict
13. Art increases business
14. Art documents community history
15. Art helps us understand others point of view

16. Art encourages expression
17. Art brings in tourism
18. Art promotes diversity of culture
19. Art can help to build personal and professional relationships
20. Art tells the story of community members and leaders

21. Art is inspired by community and reflects the community back
22. Art encourages engagement in community activity
23. Art gives community something to share with others
24. Art educates and informs us on issues
25. Art entertains and bring joy to community


Art, from the formal to the informal, is connected to the community.  Please feel free to share your own ideas of how you believe art impacts the community.

10 thoughts on “25 Ways Art Impacts the Community

  1. artpeopleplaceschange,

    Thanks for you comment! I appreciate you stopping by and hope you continue to read & comment.

    I’m following you on twitter now!


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  3. Love your list. May I add: Art attracts other artists to participate in the creation of art that already exists in the community then pushes the creativity to a higher level.

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